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New WWW.Internets.Content.ReadPlease

September 22, 2009

double ll

It is always a great joy to announce a new segment that hopefully lasts for as long as we say it will. Today it is my pleasure to alert you to a new weekly piece from our own Double LL……..Double LL’s Tuesday Morning Dude Ranch!! So check back later today for the first installment of what should be a truly amazing series of posts……OR…check back later today for a one time post that will fall by the wayside like our baseball previews……did we ever finish that?


Where’d You Go? There You Are! Now I’m Angry

July 9, 2008

Put all you fears to rest, stuff and things is not dead. We are going through the tedious, confusing, and horrifying process of dissecting what is happening to, and in, the Seattle sports scene. Check back often for new posts as things seem to be gearing up for a nice little push through football season. On a side note, if you happen to attend a local sporting event and see something rib ticklingly, LOL’ingly, or pants poopingly (poopingly may be my new favorite pseudo word) funny, please take a picture or send a short blurb about the incident to