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Cougar Predictions from a Husky Fan

September 25, 2009


I’m happy to say that my prediction from last week was wrong.  It must have been my rooting for the Cougs that turned the tide.  WSU were able to win in overtime against a terrible SMU team that out gained them 504-276.  How do you give up 504 yards to SMU!? But at least a national crisis of was averted.  There wasn’t any more drinking or daubchery than what normally takes place in Pullman during a cougar game.  And the Cougs got their win for the season.  Yay.

This week, however, I don’t think they will be so lucky.  They travel to southern California to take on a pissed-off USC team.  I’m not sure if you heard about it, but last week USC lost to the Dawgs. Somehow, the Cougs are 8-56-4 against the Trojans.  That’s a .143 winning percentage, folks.  They shouldn’t even play this game.  USC is getting back QB Matt Barkley and most likely All-American saftey Taylor Mays as well, while the Cougs have lost leading rusher James Montgomery for the season.  I’m beginning to think that this just isn’t the Cougs year.  But what year is ever the year of the Coug?  42-3 USC.



September 23, 2009



Dear Earth,

                 It seems like we haven’t been getting along lately and I am starting the get the feeling that you resent me for some reason. Is it because I have been thinking about going to the Moon and you don’t want me to see other planets? I heard about you taking Cougar running back James Montgomery out for the season….seriously World? What is your deal? Don’t you feel like you have done enough already? I mean the Cougs are 3-13 in their last 16 games…don’t you think you have taken a big enough dump on my sports life? This has to stop! I am unsure of my legal options at this point but I am assuming a restraining order is not out of the question. For now Planet, stay the hell out of my way and quit crapping on me……OR ELSE I am going to cut down the entire rainforest and start wasting all the natural resources I can! I am going to pave every inch of you! and dump dog poop in your oceans.  

 With all the disdain one man can possess and an aerosol can pointed straight at your ozone,


Mr. Magic Times Clever Rainbow Joke Parade Emporium….Umm What?

August 29, 2008


                          It’s finally that time of year where long after our baseball team has had any chance of making the playoffs (early June) that we all settle in for the whirlwind of adventure that is College Football. Once again the Mighty Cougars of Washington State, as of today, are undefeated and I don’t see that changing before Friday. The entire sports media is abuzz over the 0-0 Cougs who have been ranked as high as 76th! in the preseason. Now unless I am misunderstanding the concept of “abuzz,” hopes are high and expectations are even higher for the Palouse Warriors.  A stellar off season that saw Lee Corso’s BFF, Kirk Herbstreit , declare Brandon Gibson his #2 receiver in the nation also saw Defensive Tackle Andy Roof expelled from school (which is actually incredibly difficult considering it is WAZZU) and field general Gary Rogers heroically saying players should put school on the back burner and concentrate on football. I see nothing wrong with that statement but methinks some academic types may take issue with one of their high profile student\athletes downplaying the importance of the student part…….Nerds. So with hopes high and a nickel in my pocket it is time for me to change from unbiased lover of sports to tunnel-visioned Cougar fan lunatic……. So I guess this is goodbye until December. That is unless we make a BCS Bowl game……which is pretty much a lock….at which point there will be limited, and I stress the limited part, LIMTIED non-cougar talk until the end of January as I have to allow myself at least a month to bask in the inevitable national championship glory I will most certainly be soaking in. Seriously though check often as we here at Stuff and Things are ramping up for a nice little run at being somewhat consistent with our postings……Go Cougs.