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As Bull Meechum Would Say, “Hey, Sports Fans!”

June 18, 2008

The Great Santini

Hey there!  I’m the new guy on this oh-so-brilliant sports blog.  My name is “didhejustsayfunkybuttloving”, but you can just call me “Funky Buttloving” for short.  First of all, I wish to award kudos to those of you who noticed that this post’s title is a reference to the timeless Robert Duvall film “The Great Santini”.  More power to you!  To all of you idiots readers who have never even heard of this movie, you’re missing out on a classic film about an abusive, alcoholic father who nobody likes.  Needless to say, it’s a must-see film.  What’s more, you can buy the DVD on Amazon for only $6.99! (  But I digress.

Anyway, before I introduce myself, let me point out that my name is a reference to another classic movie, “Rookie of the Year”.  This was my favorite movie growing up, and it featured superb acting from Daniel Stern, Gary Busey and some geeky kid whose acting career died soon after this movie was released.  If you are still confused by this movie reference, then you need to watch more crappy sports movies from the ’90s.  Or at least watch the beginning of this clip, which contains the now-famous “FUNKY BUTTLOVING!!!!” utterance.  Pure comic gold. 

And now, without further ado, I’ll quit talking movies and start talking sports.  First off, I am a die-hard baseball fan, and I continue to love the Mariners under the delusion that they will get better at some point (it shouldn’t be too hard, because they sure as heck can’t get any worse).  I also love college hoops, the NFL, and college football, but I’m pretty much a fan of any sport as long as it’s on ESPN or an ESPN-affiliated network.  Yes, this includes American Gladiators on ESPN Classic.  Who can forget classic, ‘roided-up gladiators like Nitro and Malibu?  My favorite sports teams are the Seahawks, the 2008 NCAA-Champion Kansas Jayhawks (lifelong fan; ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!), and the aforementioned M’s.

I like to think of myself as a Rick Reilly-type writer, mixing humor and wit with passion and heart.  I know that in time y’all will grow to love me, and “Funky Buttloving” will become a household name.  Until next time, goodbye, interweb. 

*Computer Terminate!*