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So This is How the World Ends…….

May 6, 2008

              A revolution has begun, so join in or be crushed. The first game of the Super Fun Awesome Amazing STRAT-O-MATIC season occurred last night in beautiful Shorehood Apartments Park. It was a “rain”-shortened rout as the game was called in the top of 6th, Dodgers-7 Mariners-3. It was a battle of titans: Derek Lowe vs. King Felix, and they both lived up to the numbers and statistics on their respective playing cards. A new level of baseball nerd-dom was achieved by the resurrection of a tried and true old-thyme (pronounced time-eeeeeee) game. The game was a pitchers duel until a 3rd inning outburst by Pickleshoes’ Mariners. The rally was launched by a couple of singles and a few walks and, in the spirit of honesty, the lead seemed insurmountable; but, just like clockwork, Yours Truly’s Dodgers came roaring back in the top of the 6th and with roll after roll, the Dodgers were……well….on a roll (mmm, that’s good comedy). A few errors by the apparently unreliable Gold Glove winner Adrian Beltre plus some timely extra base hits fueled the 7 run explosion. Then the rain came…… Saddled with the tough decision of whether the game could be continued or not, the rain cloud looked the players square in the eyes and she made it known……No more baseball was to be played on what was a sunny May night. The dark, ominous cloud strongly suggested that the teams socialize instead of playing the exclusive baseball awesomeness. But then, in a moment that can only be described as wonderously magnificent, the clouds parted and revealed that baseball may be played one night a week, just not tonight (because we have company over and not everyone wants to play a little boys’ board game, and someone didn’t make all this dinner so that you could just sit on the couch with Pickleshoes and ignore me and everyone else). So, here’s to future funness.  VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!