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Wounded Tiger Defeats Oddly Shaped Foe at Torrey Pines

June 16, 2008



      Tiger Woods is the 2008 U.S. Open champion, and his legend continues to grow. In the most exciting golf playoff I have ever watched on a live blog, Woods finished off tubby and unsightly Rocco Mediate after 91 holes. Looking like much loved McDonalds character Grimace, Mediate fought valiantly; but like all that have come up against the Tiger before him, he was vanquished by the mighty super-nerd. As a moderate golf tolerator, I have to say I was intrigued enough by this match-up that I desperately began hitting refresh on the ESPN live blog of the tournament for updates. Having no context in which to place this historic playoff, I was forced to enjoy it for what it was…..a fun way to waste 3 hours at work and thus be 3 hours closer to next weekend…So big thanks to His Nerdiness El Tigre, and to the sport of golf, for this delightful diversion from my normally mundane, excitement-free workday.