Cougar Predictions From A Husky Fan



Being a Husky fan, I almost revel in the cougars sucking.  However, at this point I almost feel bad for them.  I mean, this week they are 6 point underdogs to SMU.  To SMU!  This is a team that went 1-11 last year and probably represents the cougs best chance of winning a game this season.  I think at this point if they lose this game, WSU might consider just canceling the rest of the season.  The coaches, players and especially the fans just need a break from all the heartache.  I know cougar fans relish being the loveable losers in the state, but I’m a little worried about what this loss might do to their psyche. Their depression might start spilling over into other areas of their lives and they might start drinking even more and having random sex with even more people, however impossible that might sound.  So, this week, although it goes against all my principles, I will be rooting for the cougars to win, if only to save the world from what might happen if they don’t.  Final score prediction: 28-20 SMU.



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