Viva La Stuff Andthinglios!!


AWWW yeah! Holy hell, holy hell……..Inconceivably, it seems that we are somewhat back. No, we aren’t going to live-blog Monday Night Football games, because I hate NFL football…… especially when it doesn’t involve my hometown team or my fantasy team doing well (eat my balls, Chargers). But seriously, folks….I think we are back. As big Cougar football fans, we have SO MUCH to look forward to; hope fills our nostrils with its skanky stench (……but really – college football seems “neat” this year. (What the hell are you doing Phillip Rivers? I am going to eat your children.) I just can’t wait to see what happens in the PAC-10! Also, PLEASE SHUT UP Steve Young. I think this year will be huge for stuffandthings…..we have diverse writers (3 well-educated and affluent white guys) and better perspective (we are at the same place we were last year, though we are thinking of starting a podcast like every other douche that thinks he has something awesome to say) and more support from friends & family……or something. So, lift up your dresses, grab your sacs, and love the ride….get ready for really crappy coverage of the state of Washington’s dismal sports. (And seriously, Phillip; I will eat your children.)


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