Baseball Time



Baseball season is here! Well, spring training and the World Baseball Classic, at least. This season promises to bring fantastic amounts of excitement, tantamount to the excitement of a knife fight between a million bears on motorcycles during a hurricane named “Hurricane Ditka.” So to kick it off in proper fashion, we here at StuffandThings will be posting our 1st annual “Why They Are Going to Suck” baseball team-by-team preview; and just for added mystery and intrigue, there are going to be quite a few hands in the pot on this one. You should hear from everyone here at S&T at some point during the next………however many baseball teams there are……days. So, thanks for reading, and get ready for some actually consistent posting, because we all know “posting on a blog sporadically is the fastest way to lose your already limited readership”…..Abraham Lincoln said that… get ready for copious amounts of mental stimulation in the form of profound observations, tired one liners, lots of ………., and (as always) some light scatological humor sprinkled in for good times.

Doody sprinkles….that is all.

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