FSN Broadcast Goes Down Like Crap on a Crap-Cracker



              Oh happy day! In a season where big victories are hard to come by, I am insanely ecstatic: FSN, or the Fox Sports Network, decided not to show the #14 team in the nation (featuring the conference’s number one scorer) against one of last year’s sweet sixteen participants (and arguably the most suffocating defense in the nation). Now, it’s hard not to admit that the Cougs aren’t exactly performing to the same standard as the last two years (we’ve been spoiled), but seriously? You pass on showcasing the most exciting talent in your conference – James Harden – to show an athletically sloppy, poorly coached, Lute Olsen-less Arizona team against an overrated, fraudulent, Washington Husky team? Granted, the game was somewhat entertaining, in an “a bunch of crazy people are shooting 40 foot jumpers” kind of way, but I for one would love to have seen my Cougs beat a top 20 team in their building. I guess I’m asking too much from FSN, who has to dole out their 2 cameras (both of which are handheld VHS camcorders borrowed from Marty McFly, who traveled back to the future to deliver them) to a single Pac-10 location twice weekly. But really, it’s true; my standards are way to high for a rinky-dink operation…. I mean they employ D’marco Farr! D’marco “likes anything that’s shiny” Farr! A man with more short-bus frequent rider miles that he can count…. To be fair he can only count to potato (his words not mine) but still…you get my point. I guess it’s too much to expect a decent slate of games every Thursday and Saturday…oh well…I can just watch “ESPN game cast” and *imagine* Klay Thompson going 8 of 10 from three and dropping 28 points.  No, I’m not bitter I missed the Cougs marquee win of the season thus far…I am just upset that FSN is run by a collective group of morons hell-bent on showing the least desirable games as often as possible in order to keep viewer ship down so they can take over the world …which happens to be the company’s mission statement.


PS: Also, maybe try using your HD channel every now and again jerks.


One Response to “FSN Broadcast Goes Down Like Crap on a Crap-Cracker”

  1. imisskyleweaver Says:

    They found me, I don’t know how but they found me. Run for it Marty!

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