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Mr. Magic Times Clever Rainbow Joke Parade Emporium….Umm What?

August 29, 2008


                          It’s finally that time of year where long after our baseball team has had any chance of making the playoffs (early June) that we all settle in for the whirlwind of adventure that is College Football. Once again the Mighty Cougars of Washington State, as of today, are undefeated and I don’t see that changing before Friday. The entire sports media is abuzz over the 0-0 Cougs who have been ranked as high as 76th! in the preseason. Now unless I am misunderstanding the concept of “abuzz,” hopes are high and expectations are even higher for the Palouse Warriors.  A stellar off season that saw Lee Corso’s BFF, Kirk Herbstreit , declare Brandon Gibson his #2 receiver in the nation also saw Defensive Tackle Andy Roof expelled from school (which is actually incredibly difficult considering it is WAZZU) and field general Gary Rogers heroically saying players should put school on the back burner and concentrate on football. I see nothing wrong with that statement but methinks some academic types may take issue with one of their high profile student\athletes downplaying the importance of the student part…….Nerds. So with hopes high and a nickel in my pocket it is time for me to change from unbiased lover of sports to tunnel-visioned Cougar fan lunatic……. So I guess this is goodbye until December. That is unless we make a BCS Bowl game……which is pretty much a lock….at which point there will be limited, and I stress the limited part, LIMTIED non-cougar talk until the end of January as I have to allow myself at least a month to bask in the inevitable national championship glory I will most certainly be soaking in. Seriously though check often as we here at Stuff and Things are ramping up for a nice little run at being somewhat consistent with our postings……Go Cougs.


Putz Ain’t No Putz No More

August 6, 2008

I’m not shocking anyone at this point to say that the Mariners’ season is currently in a King County Waste Management septic treatment facility.  That is, their season went straight down the pooper before the summer even came to Seattle (which occurred in early July).  But something occurred the other day that sparked my interest.  It was something that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and I wasn’t sure whether or not I could belive what I was seeing. 

‘Twas the eve of August the 3rd, and after 6 and 2/3 mediocre innings from Carlos “Greased Lightning” (Or is it Greasy Thunder?) Silva, the Mariners made a crucial call to the ‘pen.  Normally, one would expect a middle reliever to come jogging out of left field, but lo and behold, here came JJ Putz of all people!  Putz threw 1.1 innings of solid relief, allowing one hit before giving way to phenom Brandon Morrow to seal the win.  While Putz’s stuff wasn’t exactly remarkable, it was the first time in a long while that he looked like he was actually in control on the mound, rather than being at the mercy of Joe Blow standing at the plate, which is how us Seattleites have grown accustomed to seeing him.  After the game, Putz said that he hadn’t felt that good since mid-March.  I originally thought, “surely Putz’s success must be a fluke”!  However, much to my surprise, Putz came out and gave another solid 1.1 innings last night!  While he allowed both inherited runners to score in the bottom of the 8th, he was able to keep the Twins at bay as he picked up the save.  Again, his stuff wasn’t spectacular, but he had the commanding mound presence that he had been missing since he became plagued with injuries in April. 

Putz’s triumphant return to the closer’s role (albiet a small triumph) is fantastic news for the Mariners, as this will allow the team to start preparing Morrow to become a starter, something they should have done loooong ago (something else they should have done long ago is not trade George Sherrill, who has been a dominant closer for the Orioles this season).  There is no doubt that Morrow will be welcomed into the starting rotation with open arms.  Suffice it to say that few of the Mariners’ starters (Batista, Silva, and crybaby Bedard) have had less than stellar seasons, especially considering that each of them is getting paid half of Canada’s gross national product ($1.18 trillion, for those of you who were wondering).  

Of course, we all know that as soon as Seattle’s starting pitching issues are taken care of, something tragic will happen to the offense, like Ichiro, Lopez, Clement, and Betancourt will all get shot in a drug-related gang war.  It’s the inevitable tragedy of the Mariners; that as soon as one piece of the puzzle gets fixed, another piece shoots itself in the foot.  But hey, that’s how we roll here in the Emerald City.

Good Morning Peter, Thanks For Reading!

August 4, 2008

As a long-time irrational Red Sox hater, the acquisition of Manny Ramirez by my first true baseball love, the Dodgers, has been a journey of self realization and a real living testament to how truly fickle a Red Sox hater I am. Seeing Manny strut out in Dodger blue for the first time was a moment that caused a deep thirst for his failure that I thought could never be quenched. The long haired lunatic who recently became bat for hire (even though the Red Sox are paying for him) instigated a hate and expletive filled rant the likes of which had not left my mouth since the Dodgers decided a brooding mustachioed man was the direction they wanted to go at second base. As quickly as I had decided at a young age to despise all things Boston sports my demeanor changed with a single Man-Ram base hit. You would have thought I had been a lifelong Manny fan and, of course, the love-fest didn’t end there. With each passing game my awkward baseball man-crush on oft misunderstood Ramirez (see how he went from “lunatic” to “misunderstood?” Totally didn’t plan that) grew and grew. Culminating recently with a 4-for-5 (including two wakka-doobie yig-bombs) for the loveable loudmouthed lout. For someone who swore never to enjoy anything Beantown related, this Manny love feels almost like a sleep-easy motel affair ala Mayor Joe Quimby. Perhaps the excitement of loving something you always swore you’d hate (and the fear of being caught by your father, a lifetime Dodger fan) is what drives this former Anti-Soxian to a life of  “former Boston hero” worship. Whatever the catalyst behind the ballyard bromance, it exists and will continue to exist as long as “The Manster Mash” (nailed it!) suits up for the Hometown Nine (not my hometown, but a bunch of people live there).