Goodbye and Good Luck…..Minus the Luck Part


         Surely my 2 or 3 readers have been clamoring for a post from the very minute Mariners General Manager Bill Bavasi was fired Monday early afternoon. So as not to disappoint I have crafted a small limerick in honor of this momentous occasion………


From Year to Year, From Day to Day

No Matter the price, a free agent you’d pay

Extravagant fees, Ridiculous prices

That’s why you sucked, that’s why we iced ya’


From Washburn to Cairo, Dumb moves aplenty

You Sent Down Clement, You’re stupid times twenty

So We Say Goodbye, and We Wish You the Best

Enjoy Unemployment; you’ve earned You Some Rest


So as we rebuild, and Pick up the pieces

We’ll think off you fondly, as the anger decreases

In Ten Thousand Years, For the Crimes you’ve committed

Perhaps but not likely, That You’ll be acquitted


All said, Bill Bavasi wasn’t and awful dude, he was just an awful General Manager. As a lifelong baseball man perhaps it’s time to move on to something else more suited to your talents…….I can’t really think of any occupation where over paying for mediocre results is a good thing………but don’t lose hope you’ll find your niche.


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