Wounded Tiger Defeats Oddly Shaped Foe at Torrey Pines




      Tiger Woods is the 2008 U.S. Open champion, and his legend continues to grow. In the most exciting golf playoff I have ever watched on a live blog, Woods finished off tubby and unsightly Rocco Mediate after 91 holes. Looking like much loved McDonalds character Grimace, Mediate fought valiantly; but like all that have come up against the Tiger before him, he was vanquished by the mighty super-nerd. As a moderate golf tolerator, I have to say I was intrigued enough by this match-up that I desperately began hitting refresh on the ESPN live blog of the tournament for updates. Having no context in which to place this historic playoff, I was forced to enjoy it for what it was…..a fun way to waste 3 hours at work and thus be 3 hours closer to next weekend…So big thanks to His Nerdiness El Tigre, and to the sport of golf, for this delightful diversion from my normally mundane, excitement-free workday.













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