Baseball Stuff! I’ll be Hideo Nomo You Can Be Jose Canseco!!!


                        Congrats are in order as Ken Griffey Jr. hit the 600th homerun of his career yesterday against the Florida Marlins. Griffey becomes only the 6th man to achieve this feat and, though it has felt like he’s been knocking on this door forever, he can now finally rest in his accomplishment. The pitfall most people stumbled into in judging Jr.’s place in history is wondering what he could have been and not appreciating what he is, one of the greatest power hitters in the history of the game. For almost any kid growing up in the Seattle area in the ’90s “The Kid” represents what got most, if not all, of us interested in baseball. From his often emulated swing that has been described as “flawless” and “majestic” to his spectacular defensive play in centerfield, Jr. embodies all that is good in baseball. He did it the right way, and that is more than can be said for almost anyone else from his era. In a baseball culture, where we have become incredibly skeptical and fearful in celebrating the home-run, this accomplishment has not received the fanfare it deserves. For all that he has done for baseball, this guaranteed first ballot hall of famer deserves all the thanks in the world and is worthy of the adulation he is due for this incredible milestone he has reached…..So congrats and thanks for helping get Safeco built so the current Mariners could defile it with their losing and pants pooping.


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