The Bountiful Suckiness of Front Office Types



               Well Kalooo Kalayyyy, another banner day for the Mariners front office and scouts. In possession of five day-one picks in the MLB First-year Player Draft, the M’s were in prime position to do work, son. Wondering how it went? Well some atta-boys are surely in order as the always intelligent Mariners deftly procured four, that’s right count’em four, college right handed pitchers. Of course the upside of this is they were only one right handed pitcher away from a Yahtzee, but come on? There seriously aren’t any pressing needs that come to mind when looking at the current team ? I mean sure the bullpen is awful, but it would be super keen to have some left handed power for the future or perhaps a left fielder for when Raul just can’t get out of bed anymore (Most likely sometime in the next 2 weeks). To me this is a glaring sign, just like usual the M’s plan on rebuilding through free agency in the years to come. As I stare over the precipice that represents 100 losses in the next 5 consecutive seasons I can’t help but wonder what a precipice is. 
20.    RHP    Josh FieldsU of Georgia
66.    RF      Dennis RabenU of Miami
98.    RHP    Benjamin PribanicU of Nebraska Lincoln
132.  RHP    Steven HensleyElon U
162.  RHP    Brett LorinCal St Long Beach


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One Response to “The Bountiful Suckiness of Front Office Types”

  1. I Heart Fuzzy Puppies Says:

    PREC·I·PICE /ˈprɛsəpɪs/ [pres-uh-pis]

    –noun 1. a cliff with a vertical, nearly vertical, or overhanging face.
    2. a situation of great peril: on the precipice of war.

    [Origin: 1590–1600; < MF < L praecipitium steep place, equiv. to praecipit- (s. of praeceps) steep, headlong (prae- pre- + -cipit-, comb.form of caput head; see caput) + -ium -ium]

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