If We Needed Him to, Can a Bird Catch a Football?


             Bobby Engram wants more money and who can blame him. Fresh off a season with more receptions (94) than big name players like such as Chad Johnson and Steve Smith, Engram would like to be paid for his incredibly productive 2007. Bobby voiced his displeasure with his current deal via a letter left on head coach Mike Holmgren’s desk and by skipping his second day of the Hawks “voluntary workouts”. For those of you who don’t know, saying these workouts are voluntary is like saying paying taxes are voluntary…I mean, you can choose not to pay them you will just go to jail. Engram who is scheduled to receive $1.7 million in the 2008 season is in my estimation way underpaid. As the best returning wideout option we have, it is insane to think that both Nate Burleson and Deion Branch make more money than Engram. What is also insane is that a guy is complaining about making $1.7 million dollars….I guess if some guy at my work who is less productive made more money than me……wait a minute…that is totally true….I am definitely holding out for more money. I would like to thank Bobby Engram for reminding me that even if you make enough money you should always complain and hold out for more. I will be dropping an angry letter on my boss’ desk and letting him know I will not be attending the voluntary workouts, and by voluntary, I mean required, and by workouts, I mean my job….I can only hope they come to the table with a better deal…. But it looks as if even Bobby Engram doesn’t have that kind of job security, as the Seahawks have announced they expect Engram to finish out the remainder of his 2 year deal before they are willing to talk money……Turns out mediocre NFL players are just like you and me, except way more rich and talented.







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