Moose, Mariners, Mattlestar Galactica



              Doing just enough not to get canned seems to be the Mariners mantra over the last few years (from Bill Bevasi) to the everyday players. Last night was a great example of this phenomenon, as Designated Hitter Jose Vidro and Right Fielder Brad Wilkerson went a combined 5/7 with 2 RBIs in the Mariners 7-2 win over the Indians. Both Wilkerson and Vidro had been struggling mightily coming into the game, hitting under .200. It had been rumored that M’s Skipper John McClaren and Mariners front-office-types had been openly talking about demoting the guys who aren’t producing and bringing up the guys who are having success in the minors. Just like clockwork, the two guys almost assuredly being referenced by these comments – Vidro and Wilkerson – have big games in a big win for the Mariners. This will most likely push back the timetable for any still-necessary roster moves. Still in great need of some rest or replacement is catcher Kenji Johjima, who went 0/5 last night and is batting a dismal .184 on the season (see yesterday’s post for solution). However, any talks of Johjima being rested or replaced will obviously lead to a 4/5 game with a couple of RBIs and serve as reminder of what he is capable of before he slips back into his hitting coma. Like I said – just enough to keep the roster spot. I guess you have to give them credit…..they perform when their job is on the line……but uggggghhhhhhhh. Really, I can’t complain (even though that’s what I just spent that last 30 lines doing); they won and hopefully will continue to win. On another note…haven’t heard much from the Moose this year; what’s up with that?


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