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                        Sometimes you just have to say goodbye and for the Seahawks and Shaun Alexander it was that time. The 30 year old running back, who some have likened to a 9 year old flower girl prancing daintily down the isle only to dive for cover into the pews when the photographer comes in for a close up shot, has been an integral piece of the puzzle for the Seahawks since the 2001 season (though he was with the team in 2000, he did not receive many carries). Shaun, who will always be etched into our hearts and minds as possibly the best statistical running back we will ever see in Seattle, was rumored to be on the chopping block since the end of last season. Oh there were good times…..but there were also lots of bad. Shaun has been plagued by injury since his MVP campaign in 2005 where he rushed for 1880 yards and 27 touchdowns. His nagging foot injuries and his tendency to crumble at the sight of any would be tackler have earned him a reputation as a huge huge wuss. The reputation is and was completely founded as he is a huge huge wuss. In spite of that, my memories of Shaun will be fond…..from his wide toothy grin, to the fact that he was separated at birth from his brothers Tiki and Ronde Barber. So goodbye Shaun…..thanks for playing and have fun with the Patriots where former MVP’s go to die. So where does that leave the Hawks? They acquired both T.J. Duckett a.k.a The Big Nothing and Julius Jones (who some people call and Alexander clone) in the off-season, but the draft is very running back heavy this year and in my humble opinion would be a perfect place for the Hawks to go with their 25th pick. A couple of names to watch for: Rashard Mendenhall out of Illinois who was once thought to be a late 1st round pick has been slowly creeping up the draft board and most likely won’t be there at the 25th pick, but a boy can dream eh? And a guy I am very very high on Jonathan Stewart out of Oregon. We have seen a lot of Stewart over the years and he has brought us great joy running for 251 yards against the stupid huskies in 2007….just awesome. Stewart runs hard and is happy to lower his shoulder on just about anybody which would be a nice change from watching Shaun lay down and die game after game. So we will see what they will do this weekend as the draft starts Saturday at 3 p.m. Eastern. So yeah….that is all….and stuff.  


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