April O’Neil Never Was a Very Good Reporter



                     Last night was filled with child like excitement, and no I wasn’t picking my nose in my ninja turtle costume (Leonardo) while watching Chip n’ Dales Rescue Rangers……that’s Thursday nights. It was the first time I have truly “jumped for joy” since my mom brought home grape squeeze-its for the first time…….oh so sugary and squeezable and delicious. The outburst of child like behavior was ignited by a bases loaded two out double by Jose Vidro in the bottom of the eighth against the Baltimore Oriels last night and yes, I “jumped for joy”. Looking around for anyone to high five, I realized I was alone as it was half an hour past my bed time. So, I proceeded to slap my right hand against my left to simulate the high five and then laid back down for bed time, only to have my earlier joy restored once a gain with J.J. Putz coming out of the bullpen to close. After shaking off the cobwebs and giving up a lead off double, J.J. settled down and was J.J. again.  He retired three straight Orioles, striking out 2, to get the save and secure the win for Arthur Rhodes, his first since 2005. Rhodes took over for Felix Hernandez and pitched a scoreless eight inning. Felix, who started for the M’s, once again pitched a very good game going 7 innings, giving up two runs and striking out 7. Yet due to lack of offensive production before the bottom of the eighth was given a no decision, which sucks because I really like him. All that aside, something about baseball seems to bring out the kid in me and if the Mariners make the playoffs I may regress beyond a child into a baby and poop my pants…..for real.


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