The Geriatric Free Agent Market….40 is the New 90



                 There has been a lot of talk around Seattle urging the Mariners front office to acquire the Big Hurt, Frank Thomas. The 100 year old DH was hitting a measly .167 before parting ways with the Blue Jays on Monday. The argument against Frank is that out in the free agent market still exists a player with more power and power from the left side at that which is a must have for the Mariners to make the playoffs this year. That man is the villain of all baseball villains, Barry Bonds. Both Thomas and Bonds have a history of being problematic players off the field but I feel like Barry has a little more left in the tank but really its like choosing between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. The right move to make is to look internally for a solution and leave the old timers to their steroids and golfing. Baseball, other than pitching, is becoming a young mans game. The amount of early 20’s players making an impact on the big league level has increased substantially over the last few years. An internal solution is totally possible too; Baseball America rated the Mariners farm system as the 12th best in the major leagues and highlighted the offensive power they have throughout. Though he is right handed, one guy scouts have been especially bullish on, is left fielder Wladimir Balentien. M’s skipper, John McLaren sent him to AAA to start the season because he wanted him playing everyday but he could provide some pop to a lineup lacking just that. (He recently hurt his knee and had to be helped off the field. The extent of the injury is not known as of yet. An MRI is forthcoming.) Another option is to bring up highly touted catcher and possible DH Jeff Clement. So, since the Mariners front office tends to read these articles I will throw my 10 cents (most people have 2 cents….my opinion is 8 cents better) in. Find an internal solution and leave the pudgy has-beens alone. Peace. 




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One Response to “The Geriatric Free Agent Market….40 is the New 90”

  1. your mom Says:

    we need to look into drafting Hank Aaron. i hear he still has game.

    p.s. i loved the South park reference.

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