The Beauty of Bromances



                    And now your NBA weekend update: I didn’t watch it. I don’t think I could be anymore disenchanted with the NBA right now.  Of course the obvious reason why is that they are stealing my team. I think there is a lot more to it though. The NBA has become dull and boring to me. It pales in comparison to the excitement and awesomeness of College Basketball. I hate for this to be a post ala Peter Griffins: “You know what grinds my gears?” but….Sucks to be you because it’s going to be one. Sure there are some interesting personalities and exciting players but the influx of Euro-trash floppers has ruined the game. The best example is one Manu Ginobli. It doesn’t help that I hate the Spurs already, but this guy is just as trashy as trash can be. He consistently is flopping, is a huge cry baby and is just an all around piece of crap. This is the modus opporandi  for most “european players” so it not all on Manu but this style of play is ruining the game. Another huge issue is the fact that no one plays defense. Granted defense is not exciting and flashy but it keeps the score under 200. In a game earlier this season the Sonics lost to the Denver Nuggets in a game where the Nuggets scored 168 points IN REGULATION. The Sonics truly are one of the worst, if not the worst defensive team in the NBA (Nice job P.J., defensive minded coach, my butt) so I am not totally surprised they gave  almost 200 points, but still……I mean somewhere you have to draw the line and say “this is ridiculous, the next time Melo drives the lane I am going to hit him with an elbow to the groin” (a very European  move I know but at this point even the most disgusting style of play must be used). It feels like every game is the all-star game, all offense, no defense and that bores me, Charlie Murphy. So, I for one will not watching anymore than maybe 30 minutes total of the NBA playoffs, not because I am boycotting, but because I just don’t care.


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2 Responses to “The Beauty of Bromances”

  1. Old Gibbage Says:

    The words written in this piece could only improve if they came out right below the true Jack Elliot’s mustache.

  2. I Heart Fuzzy Puppies Says:

    Don’t make fun of crybabies. It just means we’re sensitive.

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