Get a Haircut Hippie


                   Turns out even crappy soon-to-be-in-the-NBDL basketball players are just like you and me: they hang out, go to movies and do regular people stuff, too. Standing in line at the Issaquah Theatres of Issaquah (who didn’t see that coming?) who would I see but Robert Swift. That’s right, Rocky Dennis himself hanging with his “entourage,” off to see the 10:05 showing of the soon-to-be Oscar nominated hit movie “Prom Night.”  This brings to mind a few questions, none of which I will address. The 7’-1” oft injured 23 year-old does what most fabulously wealthy, first round draft busts do. He sees movies at theatres with normal people. Looking like a freakish version of Viggo Mortenson and completely lacking the elitist attitude of most NBA bench players, he clearly does not fit the David Stern and Clay Bennett mold of inaccessible Sonic players, where being seen in public is the biggest no-no in their evil plot to choke any life that’s left in the floundering franchise before they depart to foreign lands. This, paired with his atrocious play, will most assuredly result in his riding the bench for the 2009 Oklahoma City Doucherockets (or whatever they will call themselves…..may I suggest fanny bandits?) or he’ll making a splash in one of the many hugely unpopular European basketball leagues. Long story short…… I hate you David Stern and Clay Bennett, and I hope Robert Swift continues to “stick it to the man” by showing up in public and braving the throngs of adoring autograph seekers.  




One Response to “Get a Haircut Hippie”

  1. I Heart Fuzzy Puppies Says:

    I saw him at the movies too! And he wasn’t going to see “Prom Night,” because he was in the same theater as me, seeing “Nim’s Island.” (PS: take that Dakota Fanning.)

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