The Loveliness of Recruiting Seems Somehow Sadly Gay




                   Tony Bennett is staying, and that has an immediate impact on what has now become a recruiting  war between Washington State and the university of washington (notice the lowercase). The Cougars received a letter of intent from DeAngelo Casto of two-time state champion Ferris (Spokane). The 6′-8″ 235lbs. shot blocking madman will fit right in with the Cougars defensive-minded approach. Casto said his decision to attend Washington State was made easy by Cougars head man Tony Bennett and his assistant coaches and that he looks forward to playing in Pullman. Casto has been much maligned in Seattle papers for his “school jumping” over the past four years, which is some what understandable as he has attended 4 different high schools in the last four years.  His signing with the Cougs is sure to instigate some boo-hooing and complaining from the stupid huskycentric Seattle media. All I can say is, eat it stinky huskies……eat it.  The most exciting aspect of the signing is stealing a Spokane kid away from Gonzaga, since the last Spokane native the Cougs signed was Rob Corkrum in the early 90’s. College basketball is oh so far away and barely on my sports radar right now, but as the recruits flow in the excitement builds!


2 Responses to “The Loveliness of Recruiting Seems Somehow Sadly Gay”

  1. Old Gibbage Says:

    Due to the attractiveness of a one, Tom Selleck, I might have to go rent Mr. Baseball. Jack Elliots Mustache, thank you for inspiring such old memories. “Big Hit, Happy Body”. Does anyone else remember that?

  2. majed Says:

    i love gay gay sex

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