Eric O’Flaherty Sucks and So Do You!


             With hope and excitement abounding as we headed into Sunday, a potential sweep of the hated division rival Angels well within our grasp, nothing could have soured my weekend more than what happened at Safeco field. In a late scratch, Monsieur Eric Bedard was given the day off (sore hip) in favor of Mariners right hander Cha Seung Baek. Baek’s sub par performance of 4 1/3 innings pitched and 4 runs on 7 hits was dwarfed by the abhorrent (thanks thesaurus) performance of the minor league bound Eric O’Flaherty. O’Flaherty went 2 2/3 innings giving up 6 runs…….6 RUNS!!!!!!! Though the game was probably over the second Bedard was given the day off, because of the hot hitting Mariner offense I was hoping…..stupid me. When I say the Mariners offense had been hot, I mean H.O.T. hot, scoring 16 runs combined in the two games previous against the Angels. Leading the charge was M’s left fielder Raul Ibanez who had 3 homeruns in the 6 RBIs in the first 2 games. Though some of my greatest fears have been stayed for now, like such as the Iraq…I mean offensive production, the largest one still remains: what are we going to do with our bullpen? I’m no Theo Epstein (or whoever the kids like nowadays) but I do know it’s bye-bye time for Mr. O’Flaherty. The goal for the M’s has to be to just keep their heads above water until the return of J.J. Putz and, hopefully, Brandon Morrow.  A team that in recent years has been the whipping boy of the American League is coming to town looking much improved; the Kansas City Royals (7-5) of now are no longer free wins. The M’s are going to have their hands full as they face right hander Zach Greinke (2-0 .60 ERA) who has only given up 1 run in the 15 innings he has pitched this year. So everyone needs to put together their hoping powers and let’s see if we can’t just hold on until we get some necessary pieces back from injury.


2 Responses to “Eric O’Flaherty Sucks and So Do You!”

  1. Totally Anonymous Says:

    I was about to just scroll through this article and count it off as another one who’s references I wouldn’t understand. But then I saw the words “Theo” and “Epstein” and my heart starting beating. He is who the kids like nowadays by the way, and he always will be.

  2. Harold Reynolds Says:

    Could we please get an article about Harold Reynolds!!!! I keep asking (OK twice, but you get the point!) and none has been published.

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