You Mess With Seattle and You Get the Storm…..Pkkkkewwww(me making storm noises)



         The arduous journey that is the Clay Bennett ownership of the Sonics has been filled with bugaboos, snafus, and tom-foolery. However, here’s the ultimate slap in the face: the Seattle Storm, Seattle’s womens’ basketball franchise, will remain in Seattle when the Sonics depart for Oklahoma City…… Uh, how about no? It truly is the straw that broke the camels back, but could also be the straw that saves the…. camels…. back….. You may be saying to yourself, “How is this even related, are you retarded?” No, I am not retarded, and it’s all part of the secret plan to keep our Sonics here. Stick with me: we force Oklahoma City to also take the Seattle Storm! It’s pure genius; the idea of having to take the Storm along with them would be enough to cause Clay Bennett to sell the team. I mean, let’s be honest – what high-profile businessman wants his name attached to the crapshoot that is the WNBA? The best part however, its win-win. The Sonics are as good as gone, so either we end up getting the Sonics back or at least we get rid of the Storm…. see? Win-win. So, sorry Oklahoma – like the best athlete in the schoolyard and his scrawny younger brother, these teams are a package deal. Also, no give backs….. suckers. On a side note: Oklahoma City was named one of the nations fattest cities. So enjoy the women’s basketball and Earl Watson, you tubbos. 


One Response to “You Mess With Seattle and You Get the Storm…..Pkkkkewwww(me making storm noises)”

  1. mike Says:

    i have to be honest – i didn’t bother reading the article, but the picture really turned me on. i think your entire blog should be devoted to fat people in boats.

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