Fuzzy Puppies and High School Musical Galore



       Thank God! Tony Bennett announced Tuesday that he will remain the coach of the Washington State Cougars, and looks forward to building for the future. On behalf of all Cougar fans everywhere let me reiterate….Thank God! With a recruiting class, being called by some “the best for cougar basketball ever” coming in, the future is looking bright. The recruiting class features 6’6″ small forward Klay Thompson out of Santa Margarita, California. Thompson is the son of the LA Lakers color analyst and former number one draft pick, Mychal Thompson. Though the NCAA tournament just finished up and it’s 7 months until the Cougs will resume play, these are exciting times for Cougar basketball and its fans.


3 Responses to “Fuzzy Puppies and High School Musical Galore”

  1. Andy Says:

    Personally i am incredibly excited about this news……it means the cougs are gonna rattle off another 7 straight victories against the stupid huskies crap faces

  2. Anne Says:

    I love the Cougs! Thank goodness for Tony Bennett! And President Floyd for supporting Cougar Athletics. Want the Cougs to get even better? Give to Cougar Athletics! WSU falls in the bottom of the PAC 9 (yes you read that correctly I do not recognize one institution located in the Northwest in a city the rhymes with Meattle) anyways…WSU falls at the bottom of the Athletics budgets help give the Cougs a boost not just by being a proud Coug but giving money too!
    Go Cougs!

  3. Amanda Says:

    Kudos to you Andy for an awesome blog. I am starting with the beginning and I am going to read EVERY entry.

    Here, here to you Anne for reminding people that a big part of being a good Coug and a supporter of Cougar Athletics is to open more than your trap to yell “GO COUGS!”….open your wallets as well. The time may come when the magic of the Palouse may not be quite enough to secure a coach as amazing as Coach Tony Bennett and we are going to need to show the money. Contact Cougar Athletics today and give!!! No amount is too small it all adds up quickly!

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