Dear Crayola, Your Crayons Suck




          Color me impressed with the start the Mariners young middle infielders Jose Lopez and Yuniesky Betancourt are having at the plate (Betancourt .545 avg, Lopez 5 RBI) but make sure you use a really skeptical color. Can we expect this kind of production, or even average years from them? Short answer, no…..Long answer, probably no. Don’t get me wrong, if Lopez keeps driving in runs I will be happy to eat some crow, but realistically it’s not going to happen.  The offensive production from the Mariners is going to have to come from somewhere else.  One could argue the area in which we would expect to generate most of our runs is our biggest weakness. The three and four spots are held by 100 year old Raul Ibanez and by the big whiffer himself, Richie Sexson respectively. Between those 2 we will be lucky to get the production to match that of any other team’s cleanup hitter. One jokester suggested bringing Jeff Clement up from the minor leagues and putting together a trade package with Kenji Johjima (a career .288 hitter) as the keystone to acquire Ken Griffey Jr., a.k.a. Mr. Glass, to be a DH. Though this doesn’t help us defensively, it could put a lefty deep ball threat into a lineup that is severely lacking power. Two major problems would stand in the way of reuniting “The Kid” with the city where he started his career: first, Bill Bavasi sucks and isn’t will to make the deal necessary to create a true playoff contender. He tends to do just enough to not get fired and to his credit he has been doing that consistently since 2003… he’s got that going for him. Secondly, Clement is not quite ready to be a full time catcher. In an origination that has shown they have no issue with the “baptism by fire” approach to player development (see Felix Hernandez), this would be too much even for them. Though Clement is a skilled young prospect and most likely the catcher of the future, he still needs some time to develop into an everyday big league catcher. So where do we go from here you might ask and what can be added to a possibly anemic offense? Your guess is as good as mine.



2 Responses to “Dear Crayola, Your Crayons Suck”

  1. Ned Flanders Says:

    When I think of Seattle, I think Space Needle, the king dome, hippies and yes KEN GRIFFEY JR. Growing up in Seattle I watched non-street fighter Ken through my teens Lead the 1995 mariners and this city with a dream of greatness. We can’t let that dream die with the King Dome. Bring Back KEN JR.

  2. The_Moose_Is_Loose Says:

    Dont you think 2 games is a little small of a sample set on which to judge a lineup? Sexson and Ibanez included…also hasnt Richie had 100 RBIs every year (except last year) for the last 6 years?

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