‘Cause That’s Just the Kinda Guy I Am This Week


With the baseball season finally kicking off and the hometown Seattle Mariners off to a fast start it’s time to start second guessing decisions and throwing in my 2 cents whenever possible. Stupid Richard T. Sexson Esquire is already well on his way to souring my early season optimism. With poor pitch recognition (thanks Pickleshoes) and what looks like a bat he got from a stadium giveaway when he was 11, Mr. Sexson has stormed out of the gate at a clip that will almost certainly guarantee him a spot riding the ol’ pine pony sooner than later. An abysmal 1/11 (.091 BA) and sketchy defense at best have the fans, who were prepped and ready to jump all over him, well…….jumping all over him. With no viable options at first base existing we are forced to sit and cry into our proverbial soup. From past experience the M’s should have this sorted out circa August and just in time to get within shouting distance of the Angels as the season ends. All I can say is BOOOOOOOO.


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